Personal Training Rates  

Michael's Body Scenes boutique fitness facility in  boca raton

1 Hour      Session $80.00

45 Minute Session $60.00

30 Minute Session $50.00

personal​ Training programs for you to follow anywhere.

1 Routine    Flat Fee $35.00

​2 Routines  FLAT Fee $60.00

(2 Programs per Year semi-annual)

​4 Routines  Flat Fee $99.00

(4 Programs Per Year quarterly Recommended)


​​ FotisFit  


This is the Last nutrition plan you will ever need​!

our program is based on your individual needs.

we take SEX, weight, activity level, & age to set your calorie levels.

​you will receive 2 daily meal plans & 2 example days for variety

We supply you lists that will helpyou make the best possible food choices.

Fruits,Vegetables, starches, proteins and fats.

This entire nutrition program is yours to follow

for only $99.00​​